Cannabis Investment Opportunity

7Pass is a fund dedicated to cannabis that adheres to U.S. laws and has been returning 5-7 times on its partner´s investments since 2014.


7Pass and its partners have raised significant capital and provided significant returns to its investors and its portfolio companies.


7Pass invests in late stage startups dedicated to legal uses of cannabis that have a clear exit plan: an IPO or an M&A transaction.


7Pass is raising an additional fund aiming to support its global projects and operations and certain unique California investments.

Growth rate of regulated cannabis is 60% per year in the current global market. Global annual regulated cannabis market is projected to be over $140 billion by 2027.


The current U.S. cannabis market is larger than the markets for wine or chocolate. North American annual regulated market is expected to reach $100 billion by 2029.


7Pass Partners have over 200 years of investment and operational experience.