Empowering and rewarding wellness

BAMBOO (BBO) project is targeting for the USD3.7 trillion Wellness market opportunity.

BBO was initiated by Archipelago, an active life and general insurance underwriter company for the past 10 years and have managed a total sum insured of over USD20 Billion.

Led by the same management team with combined experience of 10 decades whom have grown the Archipelago business organically from the ground and generating more than USD 200 million revenue in the last 5 years.

Their STO is linked to a passive income is at 15% of the annual ecosystem profitability and additional 5% of accumulated profit over the first 5 years paid to all token holders as a one-time incentive for loyalty.

As first of its kind, token holders will receive complimentary insurance protection, and be protected from embezzlement, fraud, and the use of funds will be exactly as declared in the BBO whitepaper.

BBO has a reserved position to list the token on a highly liquid token exchange.