SNS Service Platform For Athletes And Fans

The founder, an internationally acclaimed serial-entrepreneur, former Japanese racing driver and champion wakeboarder, Robert Hori, has lead several multi-billion-dollar enterprises including founding Cybird, the fastest IPO in Japanese history of 2 years and 3 months and the pioneers of the digital content distribution on mobile phones.


Project was self-funded with USD 7million in the past three years, and is now an active social network service (SNS) application (App) for global athletes and fans, with well over 200K monthly active users. They are now ready for growth capital.


The App allows superstar and junior athletes to engage with ordinary fans and offers both a free and paid subscription and e-commerce sales to the fans to enhance user-experience and shared revenue back to the athletes. This incentive-based paid subscription monetization structure has been used by Robert very successfully for the past 20 years.


Robert has already targeted and begun negotiations with multiple superstars and is in final agreement stage with Andres Iniesta, a Spanish professional footballer who helped Spain win the 2008 and 2012 UEFA European Championship and scored the winning goal to win the 2010 World Cup against the Netherlands. He has over 100m combined followers in social media channels and is committed to converting those followers to KIZUNA users and profit-sharing with the platform.


Apart from Andres, Robert’s plan is to expand and scale up the business with many influential and globally followed superstars, with the vision and capability to turn KIZUNA, his passion, into another multi-billion dollar exit such as Instagram or WhatsApp.


In addition to investment, KIZUNA welcomes global partners to assist in bringing forward Superstar Athletes and their followers to join the KIZUNA platform.